Creator, designer and owner Jared Williams inspiration is influenced by the motorcycles, music and design of the 70’s.

“I create jewelry that expresses these powerful influences. To me, jewelry is a fine marriage of structure and beauty. I design each collection to offer something unique that pays tribute to an exceptionally cool motorcycle”.

Our collections are named and styled after motorcycles…the Chopper Collection is heavy and loud.  The Café Racer Collection screams to be seen.  The Moto GP Collection lives on the edge.  The Moto Cross Collection is pure toughness.  The Bobber Collection is custom and rare.  The Trials Bike Collection is light and nimble.

The most exciting feature of the collections is that they can be stacked to create very unique messages and looks. We get the creative ball rolling and each individual client can mix and match to take the creativity we started to a meaningful, personal level.