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Jewelry Care

Black Lion jewelry is designed for daily wear, but also requires proper care. Use the following guidelines to protect your Black Lion jewelry and ensure your enjoyment and ability to wear for generations to come.

General Care

We have designed Black Lion Jewelry with an active lifestyle in mind.  Most pieces are rugged in nature, however by following the recommendations below your Black Lion jewelry will last for generations to come:

  1. Please remove your jewelry when doing manual tasks such as exercise or gardening. This will keep the piece from physical harm.
  2. Don’t wear your jewelry while showering or swimming.
  3. Apply lotion and oils before putting on jewelry.
  4. Clean with a soft cloth or soft brush.
  5. Many pieces are treated with an antiqued silver oxidizer, so do not use a silver polish or jewelry cleaner as it will remove the finish.
  6. Store your piece in the soft cloth pouch or box it came in.

Leather is a natural material and some stretching is natural and not a material defect.  Many leathers will patina or age with wear due to the natural oils of the skin.


Should your jewelry need repair, please contact us at to discuss the nature of the repair.